Management Insights

25 Sep

Insight 1


  • Crisis activities and deadline driven projects
  • Attending to immediate medical need
  • Time bound TAX and COURT matters
  • Repairs of gadgets we use in day to day life
  • Visit to relatives and friends in accident,emergency situation

The top priority allocation of time in the Cycle of Life has to be for the above mentioned insights.To be happy as well as successful,one has to be ever alert,proactive and methodical to ensure that the above mentioned insights should not be flooded with too many of activities.

Insight 2


  • Professional Development and Career Planning
  • Investment Decisions
  • Promoting Health
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Relationship building

They are the realm of activites which need planning in advance and are precautionary and preventive in nature.These insights are helpful in our overall growth.These activities are related to relationship building,professional growth,skill upgradation and investments.Overall success and happiness of an individual,family or an organization depend on how much time and resources one is willing to spend on these insights.As according to estimates,successful people who are happy and at peace with life spend at lease 70 percent of their time on the above insights.

Insight 3


  • Allowing interruptions during a meeting
  • Attending phone calls
  • Attending to visitors without appointment
  • Community Activities

These are the least imporant but quite urgent in nature insights.Overall these activities do not add to our growth and have the potential to take away our precious time and energy.

Insight 4


  • Attending parties
  • Neglecting work to watch favourite sports
  • Excessive Television Watching
  • Shopping

Spending the least amount of time on these activities is mandatory.

Successful people are passionate and enthusiastic about all the things they do,no matter how trivial or ordinary.Passion is a part of their personality and reflects in their happiness.There is no training involved to be passionate but success can be a big motivator.

Intelligent use of gut feeling,intuition,drive and energy are important for to be a leader.Ordinary success is mostly equated with wealth,power and position but they cannot ensure happiness.

Balance in life,loving & caring spouse,understanding parents,obedient children,close family bonds,health,creativity and spirituality are what make a wholesome,happy and meaningful life.

The effort to achieve all of them is not a one time exercise.It is a process,a habit and a continuous journey which needs to be practiced thoroughly.

There is no universal formula for happiness.It changes from person to person.

Proper management of time and resources ensure a happy living.Finding happiness actually is a matter of strategy.Our decisions determine the content and substance of our life.

“Happiness is a balance between your expectations and attainments.One way is to get what you want.The other is liking what you get”

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