Hard Disk Crash Prevention

12 Oct

• Backup, backup, backup, any data you cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. So backup data to floppies, Zip disks, CD-RWs etc. The time to backup is when you create something you can’t afford to lose. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

• Run Scandisk and Defragment at least once a month. This will keep your hard drive healthy and prevent crashes. Alternatively, purchase a disk utility and use it to keep your hard drive healthy.

• Never unplug peripherals from the computer when it is powered up. Unplugging with the power on can short out the connector socket or the motherboard.

• The only exception to this rule is if you know a peripheral is ‘hot pluggable’. If you do not know what ‘hot pluggable’(Plug n Play Devices) means then ignore this exception.

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One response to “Hard Disk Crash Prevention

  1. teknoman

    October 15, 2007 at 5:03 am

    Cool tips! Most people hardly backup and its not too tough nowadays with large drives to store LOTs of stuff and fill up the drives. Fragmentation begins like a small dental cavity, eating up performance and day by day increasing danger of drive crashes and finally when it starts making sounds, its time for casualty! Regular maintenance can definitely prevent a lot of disasters or atleast one can have backups if at all one occurs.


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