The “Rested” Wall

28 Oct

Yes,the “Wall” (Rahul Dravid) has been dropped from the team to play against Pakistan.Truly,the establishment feels that he needs to be rested so to regain form and fitness.Yes,the “Wall” relinquished being Captain just a month ago.What’s going ON?

Rahul Dravid to me,is the most reliable No.3 batsman is world cricket in both forms of the game.His persistence and resilience is unmatched.I do not agree that his fitness levels have not been to the mark.He is among the best slip catcher’s in the game.As for form,the establishment should have known better that the time in the middle is the best way to return back to form.He is a class player and a national asset.He is one of his kind. I have complete Faith that he will return back strongly as he has done it before.

It is almost coincidental that the political scenario in Karnataka(the state which he belongs to) isn’t in a better shape either.Maybe it needs to regain it’s “FORM & FITNESS” as well.

It has always been mentioned that the best batsman in any form of game should bat in the order of 1 to 4.Considering the same,Rahul should always bat at the No.3 position and the Captain needs to ensure that he gets ample of time to settle down and demonstrate his talent and skills thereby creating a winning situation for the team.He has mastered the one-day game as any of the great’s before him and will continue to.

His resurrection is now important to all his dear fans like me who look upto inspiration from him.I am certain he will bid adieu to the cricketing arena as and when it will happen on his “OWN” terms rather than by the establishment and we believe there is  a lot of time before the “WALL” takes it’s final walk on centrestage.Until that happens,the Nation prays and watches his fightback to glory.

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