Healthy Competition

04 Nov

“Do compete but in a healthy way”

A king had two sons.The younger one was jealous of his elder brother.He was upset whenever the king gave his elder son something.The king was a little worried about his son’s attitude.One day,he summoned his younger son and told him that he was willing to give him anything that he asked: money,gold,riches,kingdom, whatever.The younger son could ask anything within reason and the wish would be fulfilled.The young prince was pleased,but then his father set a condition.He told the younger prince that the elder would be given double of whatever the younger one received.The younger prince told his father that he needed a day to think and make up his mind.He came back the next day and told his father: “Please take this big needle and poke it in my right eye.”.The young prince did not mind losing one eye for the pleasure of seeing his brother go blind.

The competitiveness in our present context is such that the real goal gets lost in the maze of competition.Eventually,an attitude develops where the person is happier to see his colleague failing than he himself succeeding.Instead of improving one’s own performance,a person spends all his time pulling down others.

It is correctly said that a basket of crabs needs no lid.Just as one crab climbs up to the edge,the other will pull it down.”So what if I cannot escape?So long as I ensure that he too does not,I am happy.” 

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