Handy Tips for Newcomers to USA – Part 1

01 Sep

Sorry folks for not having been able to blog for a while,yet I am back and hopefully this post adds on to any existing information you have on travelling to be in the United States.

These tips are from my own experiences and the information I could gather in through day to day events.

License to Drive (California) is the link that guides you to all activities pertaining to Driving in California(Similar to the Regional Transport Office – RTO – back in India)

First step is to acquire a Temporary License after having successfully completed a written test (the preparation of which can be done either by downloading the California Driver Handbook from the site mentioned above or visiting a DMV office and picking up a printed copy of the same)

The test requires you to answer a percentage of questions correctly and with each unsuccessful attempt the percentage increases so make sure to clear it in the first attempt.The test is objective in nature.Sample tests are available online and at the DMV site listed above.

Once you receive a temporary license make sure to take the necessary training (Training Schools or Certified Private Trainers – you can find some of them listed in ).Depending on the time frame you have set for yourself to acquire a permanent  driving license,take an appointment for Behind-the-wheels road test as soon as you enrol for training.Ask questions to the training school staff or the private instructor for to get an insured vehicle to complete the Road Test.Follow every guideline given by the training authority as to the procedure to complete your Road Test successfully.

In case you want to practise along with a partner who has a permanent license,you do get to rent a car on some of the mentioned sites below

You are allowed 3 attempts to successfully complete the Behind-the-Wheels Road Test.

On successful completion you get a permanent  California Driving License with an expiration date as according to the status of your stay in the country.

(The entire information above is for the Class C Driving License)

Note : Do not look for any shortcuts in procedure or fast tracks as you would be risking your life and of others on the road.Better Safe than Sorry.

Finally,best wishes to all who would benefit from this information and also to them who already have the information and are going through the procedures this moment in time.

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