Road to Home

21 Jan

Understanding men begins with realizing that they are explorers by nature.

Men refuse to listen to anyone, blazing new trails fearlessly! Christopher Columbus was such a one.

Yes, he was not going where he thought he was going, but he did make a great discovery nonetheless.
What do you suppose would have been the outcome had his wife been on board that ship?Well, I can tell you right now, we’d still be taking the long way from Spain!

Women are notorious backseat drivers. Poor Christopher would have gotten an earful with every turn of the helm.

If you could just think of every outing with your husband as an adventure, maybe it would be less of an annoyance to you.Embrace the explorer’s spirit.

It might even turn out to be a romantic drive by the light of the moon if you let it.

And who knows, given some time behind the wheel, even your husband could make a grand discovery… hopefully before you run out of gas.

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Posted by on January 21, 2011 in Interesting Articles


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